Future plans

yeah, been some time... again
Last month we pushed Version 0.7, which included several improvements that were necessary to deliver a better gameplay experience.
After we pushed it, we improved on a few more things... and then decided that it's a good opportunity for us to update unity.
The current build is made with Unity 5.4, which is a few builds behind the current unity version - and we dealt with quite a few bugs that came with that "older" version.
We also use this opportunity to change up our workflow and make things more smoothly for the future... so please give us some more time for updates.
As soon as everything is working out properly, I will try to post weekly updates on how things are proceeding.

Episode two isn't too far away in theory as quite a bit of planning and coding is done already.
However, we learned so much when we redid Episode one, that we need to adapt and synchronize again as we want to make episode two even better in all regards.
For the those who purchased the game in early access: You will be able to play the game as soon as we have an alpha build - however: expect constant changes.
We will have to test around a lot with things such as: Environment, ambience, performance and mostly: animations.
We are aware that the animations in episode one aren't the greatest and we will use Episode two as a playground to see how clean we can make it look.

So please don't worry - even if it might get a little quiet, we won't stop working on the game... but we'll also try not to let it become too quiet.
We are currently just in a phase in which we try to implement our new knowledge and try to improve our workflow even more, as the overhead during part one was just a little too high still.

We should be able to keep our promise we gave on steam to release the game in summer and hopefully even release first early access builds sometime around february / march.


Update to 0.6.4

  • Fixed the credits
  • Improved performance
  • Improved pathfinding a little
  • Chase music now stops playing when reaching the end while being chased

  • I hope that this fixes some of the major problems...
    Feel free to use the steam forum to tell us about issues you encounter.



    We did it !! ... sort of

    We're finally up on Steam Early Access!
    And god am I tired while writing this.
    The current Episode one is an acceptable start to represent what the game is aiming for.
    It currently contains about 40 minutes of gameplay - future episodes aim for a total of 2 hours per episode.
    Also - we did minor changes with the demo.
    The demo will still contain the entire first episode.
    However, it will only feature one of the two possible paths in episode one
    until we're out of Early Access.

    We are working really darn hard to bring Episode one to the quality we desired,
    featuring things such as voice acting, better sound design and more.
    The demo will not get any updates for as long as we are in Early Access unless there are major flaws that have to be fixed.

    We hope you don't mind the little playtime the game has at the moment.
    It was an amazing test for us to see how we could work together and achieve our goals.
    Future episodes will come faster than at a "40 minutes of gameplay per year" rate - promised.

    Purchasing the game in Early Access will help us a lot to achieve goals such as voice acting and artistic independence much quicker.

    Thank you for understanding.

    Kind regards,


    It's early access time!

    yeah, been some time.
    Actually, it's been way too long.
    Over the last couple of months we managed to pull a few new people into the team and redo all of episode one.
    While that might not sound like we're advancing fast, we are actually advancing much faster than before.
    Not only are we faster now, the quality is much higher aswell.

    We will hit steam early access on August 15th - this will include the free episode 1 which is still the most important part of the game.
    At the beginning, Early access and the demo will have the same content - so if you accidently bought the game without giving it a try, feel free to give it back.
    Early access will give you a discount over the release price and include all future episodes of the game.
    Also, you'll get early access (as the name states) to all of the episodes before release.
    We hope that you enjoy our game and we're always open for suggestions.
    By the way - the steam site should go up within the next days aswell.

    Thank you for your patience and hope you all have a nice week,



    I think it's time for an update here.
    We aren't dead, actually the game is doing quite some progress and went quite well through the planning stage of episode 2 so far.
    We also noticed that Episode one has a big bug that makes the game uncompletable under certain circumstances.
    Unfortunately, I can't upload the fix as it is part of a whole rework of Episode 1 and 2.
    This means that this error is obviously fixed as soon as we enter Early Access.
    Episode one gets a small rework to make it look less bare and gets a complete sound rework. No more stock sounds.
    Episode two will get rid of teleporting enemies entirely and use a path finding system.
    The concept will stay the same as in Episode one - just more fleshed out with a few more options.

    About Kickstarter - that one is cancelled.
    I will pay the artists and engineers myself and use the money coming from early access and steam to refine previous and future episodes.
    However, I am certain that I can maintain a certain quality with what I can affort already.

    Episode one and two will estimately hit the first testing phase in february.
    Early access is planned for May.
    And finally the steam release is planned for June.
    You will be able to purchase the game per episode (1&2 will be treated as one) and as a season pass.
    Both discounted during the early access phase.

    Thank you for your patience.
    best regards,



    And we're ... not up
    The Kickstarter will go up soon!
    Unfortunatley that will take a few more days... so make sure to follow our twitter account to stay up to date.


    Successfully Greenlit!

    We did it!
    I didn't even want to put the project up, but thanks to all your support, we made it and Psychic Isolation got greenlit!
    Thanks a lot for your support everyone.