I think it's time for an update here.
We aren't dead, actually the game is doing quite some progress and went quite well through the planning stage of episode 2 so far.
We also noticed that Episode one has a big bug that makes the game uncompletable under certain circumstances.
Unfortunately, I can't upload the fix as it is part of a whole rework of Episode 1 and 2.
This means that this error is obviously fixed as soon as we enter Early Access.
Episode one gets a small rework to make it look less bare and gets a complete sound rework. No more stock sounds.
Episode two will get rid of teleporting enemies entirely and use a path finding system.
The concept will stay the same as in Episode one - just more fleshed out with a few more options.

About Kickstarter - that one is cancelled.
I will pay the artists and engineers myself and use the money coming from early access and steam to refine previous and future episodes.
However, I am certain that I can maintain a certain quality with what I can affort already.

Episode one and two will estimately hit the first testing phase in february.
Early access is planned for May.
And finally the steam release is planned for June.
You will be able to purchase the game per episode (1&2 will be treated as one) and as a season pass.
Both discounted during the early access phase.

Thank you for your patience.
best regards,



And we're ... not up
The Kickstarter will go up soon!
Unfortunatley that will take a few more days... so make sure to follow our twitter account to stay up to date.


Successfully Greenlit!

We did it!
I didn't even want to put the project up, but thanks to all your support, we made it and Psychic Isolation got greenlit!
Thanks a lot for your support everyone.